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Starting July 1st at the Avon & Ideal theaters!

We have two movie screens - the Avon and The Ideal Playhouse, located within one block of each other. 


The Avon Movie Theater has a classic 1950's vibe and boats nearly 400 seats in a theater with awesome sound and great picture quality.  There, we typically show brand-spanking-new Hollywood blockbusters! The Ideal Playhouse is a vintage, rustic, art deco, 100 year old movie theater which has been recently renovated.  There, we typically show retro movies, from "Star Wars" to "Casablanca" - movies that are meant to be enjoyed be in a real movie theater! 

We also host "movie events" at both places, such as sing-a-longs, Q&A sessions, a western series, classic Disney, local movie premieres, live sports, nature films, film festivals (including The Sundance Film Festival), international cinema, and much more!

We want to be your "home away from home." A gathering place for friends and families where everyone is greeted with a smile!  A place to meet each weekend and enjoy fun, memorable movie experiences like we used to... on a giant screen, with awesome sound (the Avon is the birthplace of surround sound, as a matter of fact!), and great snacks!

Providing multiple options for "Date Night" every weekend!


And, coming soon!  We will be re-opening the Corner Sweet Shop too under a new name! Located next door to the Avon theater, this 1950's retro ice cream shop will thrill all ages with homeade ice cream, live music, chocolate & way more fun than you might remember!

Update: The Ideal Playhouse will begin showing movies sometime this spring.  We will then start providing that same great service over at the Avon theater sometime this summer. 

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